Meet Dawn Klinko


Social Proof…


One of the aspects of running an organization, and I speak of this all the time, is hiring the RIGHT people.  People who you can go to battle with.  People who you truly love and care about, and you know they care about you too.

When you can help them succeed, it is a proud papa moment.  Sometimes they don’t see their own growth both personally and professionally, but I do.

Dawn, in the year she has been with us, has grown tremendously.  She is a pit-bull when it comes to representing her clients… and her loyalty to our company is incredible.  But not just that.  I have seen such personal growth this year!!!

Her success this year.  How much her clients love her is a beautiful thing…  I gonna let a couple recent reviews of her do the speaking here.  The reviews were left on our new Facebook Page.

The first one says:

Thanks for endlessly making this such a smooth adventure.  (Even with so much of your own life adventure going on.)  Eternally grateful. – Lisa

Christopher Webb said:

Dawn is an absolutely incredible agent! She took me to several properties in my (somewhat low) price range and noticed many issues with several properties upon first walk-through. She walked me through the entire process from my first email on Redfin through to past the close on my new home! She helped me find a fantastic home, assisted me with getting proper inspections, talked me through what to expect and how to deal with certain issues, made proper recommendations on steps to take and what to plan for, and was kind, patient, and genuine throughout the whole stressful process. Dawn is amazing and I assume that Eric is just as great! Thank you Impact Maryland Real Estate for helping me through this whole process and following through even after closing on my home! I am certain in the future that if I or my friends need a realtor in Maryland you will come highly recommended

And Chris Ale had this to say:

Dawn K. is very professional and did an amazing job! She had my best interest and knew exactly what I wanted in a house. We found the home I wanted and she worked extremely hard and the deal was excepted with no problems. Dawn knows real estate and all the ends and outs! I recommend Dawn and her team to everyone I talk too! Thank you Dawn!

Great work DK…