Don’t Sell Homes;
Sell Dreams

“If homes were described in the
form of stories, they would
never be forgotten.”


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do real estate agents work for commission? Wouldn’t my life be easier if I could just charge a fee?”

Every real estate agent I know has had this thought from time to time. Times get tough, and the market is not always on our side. But if you’re inclined to answer “Yes” to more than “No”, then this letter is probably not for you.

This is “small ball” thinking and prevents you from achieving your goals. But if you want to want a business that work for both you AND for you clients, then keep reading.

I’m not a fan of small thinking. And I certainly didn’t get into the real estate business to strike it rich. Neither have any of the best agents I’ve met. That’s why I decided a long time ago that I would abandon the class of small thinkers, “ambitious,” and borderline incompetent agents who only look out for #1 (themselves).

The way to grow as an agent in any market, up or down, is to surround yourself with the kind of people who share your vision and want to propel you forward in that direction.

And yes, you do need to actually believe everything I just said. No pretenders allowed.

Core Belief #1 - Protect Your Client at All Cost


We don’t sell houses. We solve problems.

Solve great problems, and you’ll have great success.

Solve small problems, and you’ll have small success.

Solve no problems, and you’ll be lost.

Core Belief #2 - Respect Yourself


What do Jehovah’s Witnesses and car salesmen have in common? Everyone sees them coming. What I hate about the real estate industry is the way most agents fit within that mold.

Core Belief #3 - Content is King


We believe in Creating a Movement, One Story at a Time.  People are motivated by stories. It fuels their decisions and drives them by emotion. Give them a good story, an idea of how your services will help them live their lives better. It’s human psychology 101. When someone is about to make the largest purchase of their lives, they need an emotional connection. Not another pitch.

Our Agents

Our Agents are trained to do a complete analysis of clients before offering a customized solution.  IMPACT agents listen to clients, we learn pain points, we listen to clients’ goals and desires.  That is why you will never get a ‘canned script,’ unlike “others” we don’t practice scripts, practice how to overcome client objections.  In fact, we never “SELL.”

Eric Verdi

Barry Weller

Stacy Delisle

Eryn Topper

Janelle Wilson

Josie Medwick

Katie Ellis-Warfield

Michelle Poole