About Josie Medwick

One of the new #ImpactFamily members is ‘Agent 9’ or just ‘9’ as we sometimes lovingly refer to her.  Josie Medwick is a Jersey girl at heart.  But the good traits of Jersey, she left the annoying traits back in her hometown.

When bringing in new people you look for certain attributes and figure out how they will fit the dynamics of a culture, the organization.  

I must tell you one of the toughest things about growing an company is like putting a puzzle together.  We all have our own strengths and we all could get better at certain areas of our life and our business.  We all have our own personalities and our beautiful/strong attributes.  And we ALL have our traits that are annoying.

There is no blueprint.  There is no back of the puzzle to look at when bringing in people and wondering how they will FIT IN!

Josie, who I met once or twice before struck me immediately as quick witted and sharp with a strong personality (Jersey).  I met here, specifically, at an Open house about a year and a half ago that she was kind enough to attend.

And although we don’t really recruit at Impact, we always keep tabs on who might be a good fit in our company one day and who DEFINITELY would not fit.

When Stacy and Carmella (our next features in Behind the Mask) decided they were making the move to Impact – I’ve know Carmella for 5-6 years and she knew everyone at Impact already so there was a comfort level both ways… and Stacy – who we have a ton of mutual friends and I’ve admired the heck out of her and her business for years.  They said that “Josie” might want to join them in coming over, I thought sure, why not.

But having only met her briefly, I wanted to sit down with her to get to know her better, NOT about real estate – I could care less about that – but the person that she is, because ULTIMATELY that is what matters.

One afternoon she came to our office and sat down with SueMart and I for a couple of hours.

We just talked.  We laughed.  We made jokes.  We found out about each other’s family and backstory and it was just all so natural.  

It really was a perfect fit, personality wise… We’ve been known to drop a few cuss words in the office and that didn’t offend ‘Agent 9’ at all.  

9 is sharp, quick witted, and just overall a good person and someone that we LOVE having at our #ImpactFamily.  A mother of 2 young kids.  A wife to a Secret Service officer (this is partly where the ‘Agent 9’ comes in).  

And Josie has a unique ability to connect with people VERY quickly!!!  Within a few minutes you feel safe to talk freely, you feel a comfort level, you feel like you have someone in your corner… and this is an AMAZING attribute to have in real estate!!!

I believe this comes naturally to ‘9’, but also think this skill was honed in her years as a bartender.  

If you need someone ‘in your corner’ that will fight tooth and nail for you, but you also want a friend in your real estate transaction, someone that you can talk family, life, hopes and dreams than Josie Medwick – aka ‘Agent 9’ is YOUR PERSON!