About Stacy Allgood-Smith

Stacy has a varied array of experiences, personally and professionally. Stacy has morphed from office worker to massage therapist and now adding real estate partner to the repertoire. Also dabbling in media production, videography, and music, she and her husband enjoy laughing together and hoping others laugh with them! Their Christmas photos are eagerly anticipated with whatever they’ll come up with next! As a self-professed nerd, she’ll love to talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings – not necessarily in that order.

After having her own life-transforming massage, Stacy started in massage therapy to help her clients feel as good as she felt. As an entrepreneur, she has taken her desire to help clients feel better and built a thriving massage practice in Frederick, MD. Often she finds herself humbled by how her clients allow her into their personal and sacred space through massage therapy.

A person’s home is also a sacred and personal space. Knowing that sometimes the process of buying or selling a home, that sacred space, can be stressful, she is committed to keeping those stress levels down by giving each client individualized and specialized attention. Her goal is to help her clients – massage or real estate – reduce their stress levels and enjoy the best life they can have.

Stacy has joined Impact Maryland Real Estate and partners with Eric Verdi, Impact’s Founder. Impact Maryland Real Estate has our proprietary approach documented in our book, ‘The Psychological Approach to Sell Real Estate,’ where we show homeowner how to sell their home for as much as $30,000 more than other similar homes on the market. For a free copy of our book go to www.SteveJobsApproach.com.  Stacy also publishes a monthly newsletter, “Allgood Homes Monthly” – a sitcom-based newsletter with real life stories weaved into real estate. It also includes a segment called “Stories from the Street,” where she weaves real-life real estate transaction stories into a learning experience for readers.

As a Founding Member of the powerful crowdfunding charity, Impact Club™, the Frederick Chapter is committed to infusing over $100,000 annually to local charities. To learn more and become a member of Impact Club Frederick™, go to www.ImpactClubFrederick.com.

We have put together the Best team to enable us to achieve the highest return on your investment.  Our team of experts provide Scientific Staging as well as Professional Photography to allow your home to be shown in the best light possible for your potential Buyers.