About Katie Ellis Warfield


My Longest Tenured Partner

When you notice talent and passion in other people you have a couple of choices… You can admire that talent from afar… or you can learn more about that person, talk to people who know that person, and then make a decision if that person is someone you want to align yourself with.

I met Katie Warfield through a transaction in the spring of 2013.  Katie was the ‘alternate agent’ on the transaction because she was on a mega team where every transaction goes under the ‘team leader,’ but Katie was always my point of contact.

One of the first things that stood out in dealing with Katie, (this is something that SueMart and I talk about everyday is that you can REALLY figure out which agents ‘get it’ and ‘are tight on their transactions’ when you are in the mist of a transaction with another agent) was just how efficient Katie was during the transaction.  Katie worked for her clients and busted her butt for her client, and they LOVED her.

When we went to settlement, I finally got to meet Katie face-to-face and we ended up talking and had some mutual friends and similar backgrounds.  I then did some digging around and talking to people that I know and trust and they had nothing but GREAT things to say about Katie.

A couple of months later I reached out to Katie to let her know that if she was ever looking to move that I would LOVE to have her.  She was comfortable in her position and it wasn’t a fit at the time.

But circumstances change, life changes.  It was about a year and a half later that Katie called me one day and said, “I’m ready.”  – I won’t go into the exact reasons why Katie felt it was time, that is her story to tell, but I will tell you that I was stoked about her decision!!!

Katie joined me at our former company and what I saw from ‘the other side of the table’ could not have been MORE true when I got to work with Katie.

Katie’s passion for DOING RIGHT and for looking out for her clients is 2nd to none!

When we opened the doors at Impact Maryland Real Estate I was able to carve out a niche for Katie that is a perfect fit for her and I and I’m thankful to have her in our company!!!  You can ALWAYS count on Katie to jump in and help with whatever is needed and she is family.

A recent client, Catie speaks of her experience with Katie:  I had such a great experience working with Katie Ellis-Warfield. She took care of all the details associated with the renovation and sale, and I was impressed with how promptly and professionally the work was done. To top it off, she sold my house the first weekend it listed!

If you are in need of an agent that will ALWAYS look out for your best interest and is a true professional in all aspects of real estate, then you need to reach out to Katie…


Katie Ellis Warfield