Our Purpose


IMPACT Maryland Real Estate is not your typical real estate brokerage. Our focus is not on the number of houses we sell or how much money we make. Instead we are focused on our greater purpose – to create a movement that makes a lasting positive impact on our community. Helping people buy and sell houses is merely the vehicle that we use to fuel that larger purpose. We believe that each person, each home, each community has a ‘Story’ to Share and our mission is to give a platform to Share Stories.


Our Philosophy

7 Fundamental Strategies to Sell Your Home for an Additional $30,000 by Marketing like the Innovator Steve Jobs.

IMPACT has Engineered 7 Strategies that our Certified Agents use – A Superior Approach to Positioning Your Home for Maximum Profit.

Fundamental Strategy #1 – Story-Selling

How can you create an emotional attachment to a home?

You can do this the same way that Steve Jobs built Apple into the most valuable company in the world. The underlying message that Jobs conveyed every time he spoke—and he believed this—was that you, the consumer, would be better because you owned an Apple product.

Strip down all the fancy marketing, all the promotions, the fancy gadgets, and the constant breakthroughs in technology.
EVERY time that Jobs went out to sell a new product, he didn’t focus on the PRODUCT itself; he focused on its BENEFIT. And he wrapped and presented that benefit in the form of a story.

In a Washington Post article by Michael O’Sullivan, titled “Filmmaker Alex Gibney on Steve Jobs, Storyteller,” O’Sullivan asks this question of Jobs: “What was he at heart? A Storyteller. That’s what his genius was—telling us all a story. His artistry was in telling the kind of story that we would believe, telling us a story to make us want something.”

Jobs didn’t bore consumers with the mechanics of how the product worked. Frankly, NO ONE CARED. All consumers care about is what BENEFIT they are going to derive from that product.

The major breakthrough of the iPod was actually the computing technology that dramatically increased memory on a physically smaller scale. But when introducing the iPod, Jobs focused on having 1,000 songs in your pocket. And he only revealed that punch line after first weaving ten minutes of an incredible tale.

Sure, Steve Jobs was the CEO of a tech company. But it was the power of story that sold 37 million iPhones, a gazillion iPods, iPads, etc.

When selling your home, take a page out of the playbook of Steve Jobs and come up with the benefits of owning your home (as opposed to the one down the street.)

Instead of focusing on the minor details of the home and every insignificant feature, focus on the BENEFIT to the purchaser. Then, figure out how to appropriately present that benefit.

This is accomplished by properly telling your Home’s Story.

At IMPACT, STORY is the fundamental strategy we use to distinguish one home over another. Once a potential buyer reads the stories we create, they never forget the home.

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