Fundamental Mistake –The Wedding Strategy

Have you ever wondered why ‘wedding season’ is May/June?  Maybe it’s because people like taking their honeymoon during the summer.  Maybe it’s because the brides want everything nice and lush and green for their ‘big day.’  Maybe because so much planning goes into weddings that everyone needs enough time to prepare, sometimes an entire year or more in preparation for one day.

There is so much planning and preparation that goes into a couple’s wedding day that it is mind blowing.  That is why it is becoming popular to hire a ‘wedding specialist’ / ‘wedding planner.’  There are SOOO many details that must be addressed to make the day perfect that the bride becomes overwhelmed in the details and a professional must be hired.

Then the Specialist consults the Bride, the Groom, and their families to finalize the details.  Meanwhile, the specialist is able to offer professional insight and opinions on final colors, final flower arrangements, food, drinks, location, music, wedding favors, the table arrangements, etc.  Literally so many details must be ‘perfect’ in the minds of the bride and groom

You can tell when there is a professional involved versus when one is not. 

I’ve been to many weddings, and I bet you have too.  The weddings where a professional is consulted go smoothly.  The small details are addressed, and it’s a smooth operation.  Then you have the weddings where the bride and groom plan everything themselves.  (Ultimately all these wedding details don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, and if the couple ends up having a great marriage or not, that is not the point.)  It’s the details that are lacking at these self-planned weddings.  They are beautiful and wonderful events, but you can tell the difference.

The Wedding Strategy transferred to Home-Selling…

Just the other day I was looking at new listings online, like I do every morning and noticed a couple that didn’t have any pictures and others when you looked at the interior pictures there were clothes on the floor, beer bottles on kitchen table, or the TV was on.  Then I went to look at the description and write-up.  A 2nd grader could have written a more professional description.  And, no room sizes, no visual layout of the house are included.

Compare this to how our listing process works.

When we meet with Sellers the first time, we tell them that the process to ‘Properly Prepare’ your home so that it meets Impact Maryland Real Estate standards, will take, at a minimum, a few weeks, and we have a lot of sellers that take some 3-4 months to get their home prepared.

See, we do a detailed diagnosis to figure out how we can maximize the value of the home.  We bring in experts in different industries.  Shari, at Staged Above, will be brought in to Scientifically Stage.  Contractors might be brought in to update, replace, modify your home.  This is all done with the end goal of maximizing the value of your home.  Then we put our marketing machine in place and have Annie come in and visually tell your home’s story through her camera lens.  After that, we write a Professional Property Story (examples at ) to create an emotional connection between your house and potential buyer.  All of this is done to extract the most profits out of our homes.

The difference in what we offer vs doing it yourself, or worse, paying someone else to come in without having a documented approach, without having protocol for profits, is the same as having a wedding slapped together last minute where details are missed.  The DJ is late, the drinks are warm, the colors don’t match, the food is cold… If that’s what your desired result is, then have at it.  If you want a smooth wedding where every detail is managed by a professional… then hire a professional.  If you want a smooth home sale, where everything is managed by professionals, hire Impact Maryland Real Estate.