How a “Go Big or Go Home” Attitude & Documented Approach Led to $34K in Return

Meet the Clients:

Jeremy and Erin were the dream team. With three great young boys to raise and jobs as Montgomery County educators, they have worked hard for everything they have and are enjoying the fruits of their labor to the fullest! After investing in one of the largest and most beautiful homes in New Market (certainly the most breathtaking home in the neighborhood) they were movin’ on up. Jeremy was offered a job as head soccer coach in Montgomery County. It was time to build a life closer to work. And, as it turns out, it was time for them to build a home of their own! Their only challenge? To sell their home for top dollar just before the selling season was starting to heat up.

The Situation:

When you know you have the “real deal” on your hands, there is no limit to the things you can accomplish. This is true of both properties and people. First of all, Erin and Jeremy’s property was undoubtedly the best on the block. It was the largest, by far, in terms of square footage. However, there were also little touches that made it distinct – oversized windows, gorgeous wood flooring, large gourmet kitchen with a diamond-shaped center island. When it comes to homes in New Market, this was certainly the “real deal.” And, as I would discover later, so were Jeremy and Erin.

But despite how lovely the interior features of the home were – they were still not a strategy. They did not provide a proven approach to selling the home. The thing about property features is that they have to be properly positioned and highlighted in order to make an impact on a potential buyer. (It’s like what they say about makeup – you don’t want to wear too much, but you need just enough to highlight the natural beauty and qualities you already hold.)

While they could easily have listed the home as-is and take their chances with the market, it was clear what they could expect from a sale. A neighboring home with almost the exact same layout had sold for $475K with $14K in seller concessions just a month prior. In other words, Erin and Jeremy could reasonably expect around $461K from their own sale.

But didn’t we mention that Jeremy and Erin were “the real deal” too, just like their home? More on that later…

The Options:

Jeremy and Erin had a decision to make. Option #1) Sell the home as-is and accept an estimated home sale of $461K, based on the recent home sale of a similar neighborhood floor plan. Option #2) Invest in the documented approach and devote time and money to scientific staging, professional photos and other proven property marketing techniques. Stand to gain thousands in return.

The Decision (and Results):

Knowing that the recent neighborhood sales was made without any scientific staging, professional photos or any other aspects of a proven approach to selling real estate, Jeremy and Erin were just not satisfied with going that route. Especially after hearing about our approach from multiple sources, including mutual friends of ours, Jeff & Jenn Purgason, whose home we had recently sold.

It was simple. Erin and Jeremy were simply not the “easy way out” kind of people. They had worked hard to get where they were in life. They weren’t about to give up on realizing a return from one of the biggest investments they had ever made.

However, did I mention that we got the listing in April – just before the market would heat up. The clock, it was a’ tickin’.

So, we sent our team out to do what they do best. We presented our game plan and had Shari from Staged Above scheduled to perform her staging magic and bring the home up to model-like condition. Now, mind you, the average timeline from the point of scientific staging to listing a home on the market is 2-3 weeks. While we were moving fast, that timeline was just not fast enough for Erin.

So, before the staging was complete, Erin tells me “Let’s do this Eric. Let’s schedule the photos for next week! Go big or go home, right?

Having been in the game for awhile, I knew there were at least 15 things that had to be done before that time, but I could sense Erin was more motivated than most. And man, was I right? So, I said, “Ok, Erin, you’re on the clock!”

Sure enough, by the time we came back the following week, everything (and I mean everything) on our list was done. I don’t know how Jeremy and Erin did it all with 3 young boys in the house, but it got done and looked incredible!

Within 25 days on the market, we received an offer of $495K!!

This was the highest sale that neighborhood has seen in the last two years, exceeding the highest sale price by 7.5%!! A whopping $34K higher than the similar model that sold just months before.

And it was all thanks to the determination, commitment and follow-through of Jeremy and Erin. They believed in the approach, and it returned the favor!

The Harley Davidson of Home Sales:

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “Go big, or go home?” It pops up in action movies, sports montages, and is used by soccer and football coaches everywhere to -stir up their team. But did you know where it came from?

It turns out a little motorcycle parts company in Southern California used it to market a product they just knew would fly off the shelves. It was their oversized Harley Davidson pipes. When you gain something with that kind of name and quality to sell, you can’t be lazy on the marketing. You’ve got to give it all you got. You have to “go big…or go home!”

It works with motorcycle parts, and it works with home sales. Erin and Jeremy were like those Southern California shop owners. They knew they had snagged the best property on the block, but they also knew that it was up to them to put the time and effort in to really sell it well. And boy, did they do just that?!

Not only did they believe in the documented approach, but they went through the process (scientific staging, renovations and property photos) with lightning speed. They were determined to use everything they had to get the most from their return.

Had they put on the brakes and taken their time, they might have missed out on the peak of the season. Also, if they had skipped any steps in the approach, they certainly wouldn’t have received such a top dollar, record-breaking offer on their home.

Never settle for second best or “market average.” Don’t let your neighborhood comps convince you to sell your home for less. Follow the lead of Jeremy, Erin and the “Harley Davidson” shop owners.

Believe in the inherent value of your home. And take a scientific approach to bringing that value to light for your buyer. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are considering selling your home and want to know more about our proven, value-driven approach, pick up a copy of the “Steve Jobs Approach to Sell Real Estate.”

Just go to for your free copy of our book, which walks you through every step of our documented approach and gives real case studies from real sellers like Jeremy and Erin. Like they say, “Go big, or go home!”

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